As the global village shrinks smaller, inch-by-inch with each passing year, optimal management becomes a habit
for an efficient manager. With business scenario always turmoil with takeovers, mergers and tie-ups, clear insight
and sharp focus on an international perspective are indispensable in the arsenal of a Global Manager. We mould
next generation Managers.


  • To uplift CAMS into an acknowledged temple of higher learning committed to provide world class quality management education to the aspiring students who wish to develop skills of effective leadership and managerial capabilities to meet the challenges of ever changing global business scenario by outstanding managerial performance

  • To contribute significantly towards developing the human capital to shoulder the gravity of the managerial challenges in guiding business through the turbulent business environment, with a vision based on the foundation of Indian Ethos for management.


To nurture in students

  • Capabilities to anticipate and manage changes through practical business exposure

  • Interpersonal and communication competencies

  • Leadership and Team building qualities

  • Commitment to ethical and legal business practices and

  • An attitude to view the entire universe as a whole in which business is a small segment which has commitment and obligation to the society in which it operates.


                The campus is located in a superior position which is directly accessible from the main road to Malayinkil from Thiruvananthapuram via.Pappanamcode. The capital city is just 6 km away from here. Direct accessibility to the city and having natural serene atmosphere make this campus suitable for a higher education center. Fully equipped with all modern gadgets to impart education and training in a wonderful style developed by us which is superb in all respects. Education here will really be a thrilling experience .

                The campus is fully Wi-Fi enabled with adequate number of hot-spots so that the students can have direct access to the internet , library and to the main server of the institute from anywhere in the campus. Inter communication between students, between faculty members and between faculty and students is also being enabled in the campus. The computer system is on LAN. Important recommended text books for each subject of study can be accessed through the intranet enabled library .

                Parents of students who are in far away places can get update information from the students as well as from the institute through internet for which a website is maintained. Any queries made by parents will be answered next day without fail. All parents will be given a code number to enable easy access and identification. All parents are requested to have their own e-mail id for which the institute will extend help to the extent possible.

                Students progress report , important communication to the parent etc will be regularly sent to the e-mail address of parents who register with the institute and got a code number. Any important event in the campus will be reported in the website. All important announcements will also be available in the website. Exam results will also be displayed in the website.


                Conspi Academy of Management Studies (CAMS) is sponsored and managed by the CONSPI (Consortium of National Self-financing Professional Institutes) Trust.

                A Public Trust registered under the Indian Trust Act 1974 with the following objectives .

  • To provide professional education and training in applied Arts, Science and Technology, Medicine, Dental, Computer Science, Management and in other discipline relevant to the time to meet the modern challenges of society by establishing and running higher educational institutions, professional education institutions, medical and dental colleges and institutions in health sciences and management and also establishing research centers in the above fields.

  • To coordinate with academies, institutions, universities and other agencies, world bodies and governments, both within India and outside India for improvement, modernization and up gradation of curriculum of the member institutes in order to make them compete with other institutes available anywhere in the developed countries.

  • To encourage the law making authorities to review or amend the existing laws that stand in the way for a healthy growth of the educational system and to make them new laws if needed so and to control the mushrooming of educational institutions and hence serve the need of the society in a healthy manner.

  • To make the third world and under developed countries aware about the potentialities available in the field of modern education in India whereby the students of those countries are made to adopt Indian Institutions as their choice.

  • To conduct distance education using the most modern methods so as to keep the teachers and students abreast of the modern trend in the field.

  • To establish and maintain institutions for orientation course, study and research by the Faculty members during periods convenient and in days suited to them.

  • To organize, provide and maintain facilities for holding lectures, seminars, classes, studies, course of work, examination and test leading to conferment of degrees, diplomas and certificates and professional studies and for giving awards to the deserved.

  • To print, publish and distribute reports, journals, periodicals, indented to promote the objectives of the trust and also to lease higher own transponders, satellite capacities and to build and operate transmitting, telecasting and receiving stations for educational and Research purposes.

                As per the provision of the Trust Deed the Managing Trustee is the Manger of all Institutions under the Trust.