Placement Status

The placement cell in general focused on moulding next generation managers. Special personality development modules, communication skills, soft skills, social and business etiquettes are effectively tuned to ensure flying start for an industry ready professional. Special trust given on Business English supplemented by a Language Lab makes the students communicators in multinational business arena. Intensive training to toughen up students helps them to withstand the business strain in their career. The online trading centre helps the students to practice techniques of Online Trading of Stocks & Shares enabling them to get better placement. The Entrepreneurship Development Club acts as cradle for budding entrepreneurs and the incubation cell nurtures the entrepreneurship talents of the students helping them to be successful entrepreneurs.
        A part from all these unique features the provision for add on courses facilitating multi-specialisation along with the two year MBA helps the students to come out as professional managers competent to be placed with out any domain restriction in the multifarious business domain.

Career Guidance and Placement Cell

The CGP Cell under the Training & Placement officer in the grade of Professor acts as the central hub for Training and Placement related activities. This cell is also the centre for gathering and providing information on employment opportunities in various areas so as to enable, the students to have an advance programming of their career. The students are trained continuously through out their 2 year long study term and in the process acquire competencies that are valued by the prospective employers in the area of their choice. This also helps the prospective employers articulate their human resources needs and accordingly advice the students for suitable internship and project assignments finally leading to placement, for which a constant linkage is maintained between the industry and the CGP Cell. This cell is also acts as a link between the alumni and the ongoing students; frequent communication with the alumni is encouraged and is facilitated by providing adequate linkage in the special web site maintained. This web site is fashioned in such away that the alumni can update information at any point of time enabling the ongoing students to communicate with them.
        The skill development activities of the CGP Cell are proposed to converge from the following 6 angles to concentrate on the single point of best placement for the student.